Airport traffic statistics

These statisics are compiled from data available through Airservices Australia who operate the air traffic control system in Australia.

Note: No figures are taken when the Moorabbin Tower is closed. The airfield is open 24/7 so therefore most AH arrivals and some Night Circuit Training is not included. Normal Circuit Training counts as one single movement.  Data collected at YMMB is only for periods when the control tower normally operates.

Statistics for total movements are reflected in the table below:

 Year Number of Movements
 2016 236,438
 2015  242,542
 2014  235,502
 2013  225,064
 2012  235,196
 2011  274,082
 2010  252,218 
 2009  310,550
 2008  351,718
 2007  310,322



Full statistics are available from the Airservices Australia website.

Report Notes:
  • Movements are the sum of Arrivals and Circuits multiplied by 2 ie (A + C) x 2
  • Arrival data is only recorded during hours of tower operation, therefore actual movements at non H24 locations may be higher than published.
  • Movements at each Port reflect movements at times local to that Port, ie. a conversion from UTC time has taken place on production of the report.

Data Source: Eurocat air traffic control system, Tower flight strips and Tower running sheet.Data is correct as at "Report run date". Changes to data after this time may occur as a series of checks and validations occur.Airservices Australia takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained in this Report and excludes all liability arising from any reliance placed upon it. All data is provided for informational purposes only and independent expert advice should be obtained before relying on such data.