ASIC Requirements at Moorabbin Airport
An Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC) is an Australian identification card that shows that the holder of the card has undergone a security check and is suitable to enter a secure area of an Australian Airport. Security checks are performed by AusCheck (part of the Attorney General's Department) and include a criminal records check undertaken by the Australian Federal Police, a security assessment conducted by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) and an unlawful non-citizen check conducted by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC)

It is a mandatory requirement to wear an ASIC pass at all times in all airside areas of Moorabbin Airport.

Moorabbin Airport is required to have an approved Transport Security Program (TSP) under the terms of the Aviation Transport Act 2004 and Regulations 2005.

The following security measures apply at Moorabbin Airport:

  • A valid ASIC must be worn at all times by all persons present on airside at Moorabbin Airport.
  • The definition of airside does not extend to hangar areas but does extend to the entire apron and manoeuvring area.
  • Passengers being escorted by an ASIC holder, for instance a pilot, are not required to have an ASIC.
  • Student pilots are not defined as passengers and must have an ASIC or a VIC.
  • The Act and Regulations provides for heavy penalties to apply to any person not wearing an ASIC.

Pilots and other aviation industry participants can apply online for an ASIC. 

VIC - Visitor cards

A person not in possession of an ASIC, who is not a passenger on a flight, may be permitted airside at Moorabbin Airport if they are wearing a VIC pass.  An example would be an engineer not usually associated with aviation performing a repair on an aircraft airside, or a student pilot who has applied for but has not yet been issued with an ASIC, would be required to show and display a VIC pass while on Moorabbin Airport.

The terms of the VIC card are that at all times they must be escorted by an ASIC holder whilst airside. IN ALL CASES they must be under escort of an ASIC holder. This also means that a student pilot may not be dispatched on a solo flight until he/she is in possession of an ASIC.

Moorabbin Airport Corporation will grant a delegation to issue VIC’s as agent for the Corporation to suitably qualified aviation industry participants at Moorabbin Airport.

To apply for a Visitor Identification Card (VIC), pre-register your visit

Once you have pre-registered, go to Moorabbin Airport Corporation, Reception during office hours to collect your VIC.

If you have any questions regarding airside security and access, please contact us.