The aerodrome was first commissioned as an airfield when group of aviators and the Civil Aviation Department decided that the Mentone location south-east of Melbourne CBD would make a perfect airport site. The site was acquired in 1946 and opened in December 1949.

The airport has grown considerably since its beginnings.  In  the 1950’s its tenants included Brain and Brown Airfreight, Super Spread crop dusting and Flinders Island Airways.  There were around 65,000 aircraft movements a year.

By 1966 several of the runways and taxiways areas had been asphalted and over 300,000 traffic movements were recorded.

Moorabbin Airport has remained a popular recreational flying hub since its inception, however, with the industry wide decrease in recreational flying, the Airport has evolved offering a broader mix of General Aviation activities, such as flying training, avionics and charter operations, and has become home to many aviation businesses.

In 1998 the Airport was privatised with MAC purchasing the leasehold from the Australian Government for 99 years.

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