Noise management

Airservices Australia is responsible for managing and controlling aircrafts when taxiing, taking off, in flight and landing. Noise concerns related to these activities at Moorabbin Airport should be reported to Airservices Australia on its 24-hour number 1300 302 240 or you can lodge a complaint online.

Issues and complaints are monitored on a monthly basis to determine whether there are particular trends or issues evident or whether any aircraft has operated outside assigned tracks or altitude. If so, appropriate investigations are initiated and corrective action is taken where applicable.

All other noise related matters can be referred to Moorabbin Airport Corporation on 03 8587 8000.

Noise Abatement Measures at Moorabbin Airport

Operating requirements for airports around Australia are published in the “En Route Supplement Australia (ERSA)”.  This document is the pilot’s bible for operating procedures at every airport they fly into.

Fly Friendly

In addition to the standard operating procedures described in the ERSA, Moorabbin Airport Corporation has introduced a Fly Friendly Program to help pilots and aviation businesses operate in a manner that is considerate of the local community. This Program was developed in consultation with local aviators and we believe it is both workable for pilots and considerate of the community in which we operate.  See the Fly Friendly programme for further details.