Managing on airport development impacts

All new developments on the Airport are subject to a Development Approval and Building Approval process. Development Approval is undertaken by Moorabbin Airport Corporation (MAC) while Building Approval is undertaken by the Airport Building Controller (ABC).

We have a comprehensive Development Approval process to ensure proposed developments are in keeping with our Master Plan and the objectives of our Airport Environment Strategy, as well as meeting the highest building and environmental standards.

All new developments complete an assessment of environmental effects to help us to identify the environmental issues associated with the proposed development. We use this to determine whether further environment investigation is needed and to identify the environmental controls we need in place on the proposed development.

Before developments can proceed they must also satisfy the Public Consultation guidelines developed by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

Developments that are approved require a Construction Environment Management Plan (CEMP). This document identifies the environmental risks associated with construction of the proposed development and the management strategies that will be used to manage these risks. During construction we monitor activity on the building site to ensure that these management strategies are effective.

Under the Airports Act 1996, certain types of development known as “major airport developments” require the preparation and approval of a Major Development Plan (MDP). The Airports Act 1996 defines what constitutes a major airport development. Such developments are subject to environmental assessment including public consultation require Ministerial approval prior to commencement.

If you are interested in how we manage developments visit the Property development section.