Managing tenant business operation impacts

We categorise our tenants into three tiers on the basis of their potential environmental risk. Assessment of tenant risk is based on the nature of their operations as well as their past performance.
  • Tier 1 tenant operations have the potential for significant environmental risk
  • Tier 2 tenant operations the potential for moderate environmental risk 
  • Tier 3 tenant operations the potential for minimal environmental risk.
Tier 1 and 2 tenants conduct annual environmental audits. These audits may be conducted by the tenant (self-audit), however, every second year, in the case of a Tier 1 tenant and every third year in the case of a Tier 2 tenant, the audit must be conducted by an independent auditor.

Tier 3 tenants are subject to environmental inspections at least every 3 years.

The reasons why we conduct audits and what we look for during an audit is outlined in our Environment Information Sheet on Environmental Audits and our Environment Audit Guide in the Tenant Resources section.

Most Tier 1 tenants and Tier 2 tenants also have an Environment Management System, or an Environment Management Plan, for their individual business.

It is our aim all tenants whose operations at the Airport have been assessed as having a significant or moderate environmental risks develop an Environmental Management Plan to manage those risks.