Incident reporting

Reporting Environmental Incidents
From time to time incidents occur which have potential to cause environmental harm. The manner in which such incidents are managed will determine the level of environmental harm that occurs. This is why we recommend all airport operators to prepare a response strategy for the most common environmental risks associated with their operations.

We ask all environmental incidents be reported to the Moorabbin Airport Corporation so we can assess whether further action is required to avoid or minimise the environmental impacts of the incident. We also review the information received to determine if we can improve our performance to avoid or minimise similar incidents in the future.

When you report an incident we’ll need to know WHAT, WHEN and WHERE. What happened?  When did it happen?  And where did it happen?

The types of environmental incident we ask airport operators to report include those resulting in:
  • Soil pollution (contamination) – caused by chemical, paint, oil or fuel spills and sometimes by inappropriate disposal of metal filings or sand blasting wastes.
  • Water pollution - caused chemical, paint, oil or fuel spills but also by directing aircraft or vehicle wash water to stormwater drains. 
  • Air pollution - caused by emissions of noxious or hazardous vapours from industrial processes or chemical storage facilities, but also includes the generation of significant quantities of dust.
  • Noise Pollution – caused by abnormally loud or long sustained noise, most often associated with aircraft engine running in inappropriate locations on the Airport.
  • Illegally dumped materials – Includes dumped materials of any type.

Immediately report spills of fuel and oil greater than 5 liters to the Airport Operations Manager on 0418 995 434.  

All other incidents can be reported to MAC Administration on 03 8587 8000.