Filming requests

Moorabbin Airport offers a range of aviation settings for film productions. For more information please email our Media Advisor to discuss your filming requirements at 

Filming guidelines

At Moorabbin Airport we take our responsibility of providing a safe and secure airfield very seriously.  We will make every endeavour to accommodate the media with their requests for photographs and to obtain footage for news and current affairs programming.

To assist our daily operations for all our Airport users and tenants we ask the media observe these following points when visiting the Airport for the purposes of obtaining photographs or footage:
  1. Moorabbin Airport requires prior notice (minimum of 24 hours) of any camera crew accessing Airport facilities, to avoid security breaches. 
  2. Any filming of our tenants should be discussed in the first instance with them and then also discussed with our Media Advisor to ensure the safety of all Airport users.  If a tenant does not give the media permission to film, we will respect their wishes.
  3. The filming of Moorabbin Airport staff is not permitted.